COVID-19 Safety

Alma Heritage Dentistry- COVID-19 Safety Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the office is safe and fully disinfected?

  • Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, our office followed strict infection control guidelines that would have prevented the transmission of the novel coronavirus (or any other virus) to our patients or team. In an abundance of caution, we have increased the frequency and thoroughness of our sanitizing procedures and we are following all safety procedures recommended by the American Dental Association, Center for Disease Control and OSHA.
  • Our team members will all be wearing a sleek, air purifier that creates a safe personal breathing zone for our team and patients. It works by repelling particles from our breathing space using an ion-based active air technology. pureAir Solo creates a 4 ft clean air zone, or bubble, reducing your exposure to pathogens like mold, spores, bacteria and viruses, as well harmful chemicals from volatile organic compounds.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility HVAC system has the maximum number of air changes per hour, allowing our HEPA filters to remove 99% of the pollutants in the air as it is continuously circulated.  In addition to this feature we have added a an additional air purifier to the ductwork to remove any added potential pathogens. This product uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Light and a Patented Photo-Catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious disease and make the air in our practice at a hospital rated level of clean air.

Is it safe to sit in the reception room?

  • Right now, we are asking patients to wait in their vehicles to maximize social distancing and make us as touchless as possible. We have removed magazines and children’s toys for now but look forward to a day that we can have you back in our reception room.

Have any of your patients tested positive for COVID-19?

  • We have not had any patients test positive. We are screening each patient for risk of exposure before treating them, and we are postponing their treatment if they are showing signs of illness or travel recently. If anyone tests positive for the virus in our office, we will contact local health authorities and follow their guidelines.

Have any of your team members been sick or tested positive for the virus?

  • None of our team members in the office are presently ill. If a team member is showing symptoms, we require that individual to stay home under normal circumstances. Now, we are being especially careful and recommending that anyone with a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of taste or body aches and chills sees their doctor as soon as possible as well as self-quarantining away from other family members.

Should I cancel my appointment if I am feeling sick? Should I cancel my appointment if someone other than me is sick in our household?

  • If you, or anyone in your household is sick, or under quarantine for any reason, we would prefer to postpone your appointment for at least three weeks to keep you well.

Should I come to my dental appointment alone?

  • We are continuing to practice social distancing until it is completely safe to do otherwise. We ask that you do not bring other family members to your appointment unless they are also receiving treatment. We are happy to provide you with assistance once you get to the practice and will let your family member know when to be back to the practice to pick you up at the end of your appointment.

Will there be a fee if I am unable to keep my appointment for reasons related to COVID-19?

  • We understand that unforeseen reasons for cancellations may pop up and you may have other concerns on your mind. While we do still ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible if you are unable to visit us, we will not be charging missed appointment fees during this time.

What if I am unable to pay for my dental care?

  • We understand that Covid-19 has put many of our patients into challenging financial situations. If you find it difficult to pay for your necessary dental care, we would be happy to discuss options to ease your burden.  At our office, we make sure dental care remains affordable by offering extended financing with CareCredit and our Alma Heritage Dentistry Loyalty Dental Plan. Please let us know if you want to learn more or have questions.
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